Hidehiro Igarashi

Hidehiro Igarashi

Engineering Division

What is the atmosphere of your workplace?

A harsh and enjoyable workplace that is harsh during work

Since this work requires teamwork, human relationships are important. In my case, after work is over, I'm so friendly that everyone says, "I'll do a full cup!" But it's really hard during work! It's pretty harsh about the dangers and I'm quite angry. But I'm really grateful that I know it's angry for myself.
Also, the workplace where there are usually older people tends to be preaching to young people. However, in our case, there is no such thing at all, so we are quite free to do it, and where we do not understand, seniors will teach me carefully, so I think that it is a good environment where young people can grow at ease.
It's not an easy job, but I think it's great work and personally, so I feel like I want to keep up with my seniors.

What is interesting about your job?

Finally, there is a sense of accomplishment that makes you think "I did it!"

I'm glad when dozens of tons of big machines that we carried came in with the Dawn where there was nothing! It seems simple to carry and install the machine, but it does not mean that you carry it on a flat, straight road with rollers. Actually, there are steps, pits, turning corners ... Because it is a large machine with dozens of tons, it is a task that can only be done with the wisdom of everyone. That's why when the customer is finished saying "Thank you" at the end, it's a real pleasure to say, "I did it!"

What do you value when you work?

safety first! ! Only this is thorough

As we handle heavy objects, we are very careful about safety. When towing by wrecker work, suspend a 30t / 40t object, but never go under it! Such danger predictions are thorough.

Do you have any goals for the future?

I'm not good enough now, but I want to exceed my seniors someday!

It may be strange that my senior is a goal, but I want to be a person who exceeds my senior. As I said many times, my seniors are really amazing.
For example, when it comes to work, even if the goals are the same, the way is completely different from my own. The efficiency is good, and the ability to respond to any occasion on the fly is incredible. There are some places where physical strength is advantageous because you are young, but carrying the machine is not a brute force, and the knowledge of installing the carried machine is also gained by experiencing a lot of worksites.
I think this work is an experience, so I would like to experience more and more work so that I can go beyond my seniors in terms of creating drawers to give good ideas.

Message to applicant

Even if you do not know anything, seniors will teach you how to do it, so I would like you to apply with confidence. It's not the age of looking and stealing (laughs). It is a work that moves the body, but since it is trained as it is being done, even people who are not confident in their physical strength are fine if they are motivated.
The content of the job is important, but I think the most anxious thing is the human relationship. In that sense, it's okay because we all think it's a good company, and let's get along with the same young guy and get along with the harsh places.