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New graduates hiring

New graduate recruitment entry has started.
We accept from My Navi.

Mynavi 2020
Mynavi 2020

New graduates hiring

Job category

[1] General staff
[2] Sales staff
[3] IT job

Treatment / work

Basic salary Graduated: 210,000 yen
University graduate: 205,000 yen
Junior college / vocational school graduate: 185,000 yen
High school graduate: 166,000 yen
Benefits Commuter allowance, family allowance, housing allowance, overtime allowance
Salary increase Once a year (April)
Bonus Basic: Twice a year (June, December)
* There is a year-end bonus depending on the performance. TOTAL 3 times / year
Location Assigned to Numazu, Nagaizumi, Shizuoka, Sagamihara, Bando, Ibaraki
Working hours 8: 00-17: 00 (8 hours of actual work) 60 minutes break
Holiday Annual holiday 105 days
※ 1-2 days / month Saturday work
Various insurance Health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance, workmen's accident insurance
Employee Welfare Property savings, retirement allowance, retirement allowance system, paid leave, maternity leave, childcare leave

Mid-career hiring

Job category

[1] Field job course
  • Driver position
  • Warehouse worker (loading / packaging)
  • Moving job
  • Technical staff (installation work / crane operator)
[2] Business management course
  • Planning and consulting for logistics outsourcing
  • Site surveys and estimates for machine transport and installation work
  • Clerk
  • General affairs and accounting
[3] Part-time job
  • Warehouse worker
  • Moving worker
  • Heavy worker

Treatment / work

Salary We will be treated according to occupation, age, experience etc.
Benefits Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, family allowance, and other various work allowances
Salary increase Once a year (April)
Bonus Twice a year (July and December) There are also year-end bonuses depending on company performance.
Location Head Office, Numazu Kita Sales Office, Shizuoka Sales Office, Nagaizumi Distribution Center
Working hours 8: 00 to 17: 00 (working 8 hours)
Holiday Sundays, national holidays, designated holidays (Saturday holidays 3rd day / month) 105 holidays a year
Paid vacation, summer vacation, New Year's holiday, congratulations, etc.
Various insurance Health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance, work injury insurance,
Employee Welfare Nursery school tie-ups, group insurance, property savings, retirement allowance, lending uniforms, joining Fujiyukai, etc.

FUJIUNYU CORPORATION is located in Shimizu
We are affiliated with "Yumesaki Nursery School" (company-led nursery school).

A company-led nursery is a nursery created by companies to support the creation of a comfortable working environment for employees.
FUJIUNYU CORPORATION takes care of the children of employees.
It is a nursery that can flexibly meet a wide range of needs, from full-time employees to part-time employees four or five hours a day, or two or three days a week.

Yumesaki Nursery School
Address: 126 Shimizu-cho, Shizuoka-gun, Shizuoka

Eligibility and application method

Qualifications Experience preferential treatment
How to Apply

① Apply from the entry sheet

②Sending documents
(CV / CV / Hello Work introduction letter
* Those who have been introduced by Hello Work

Document destination
FUJIUNYU CORPORATION Human Resources and General Affairs Department 
〒410-0005 9-11-2 Futaba-cho, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka
TEL: 055-927-2270 / FAX: 055-927-2207

Screening method

Screening method Examination of documents (resume and job history),
Interviews, written tests, aptitude tests, etc.

Flow until recruitment

Employment Inquiries

For inquiries about recruitment,Entry formWe accept at.
Please call us if you are in a hurry.

Human Resources & General Affairs Department
〒410-0005 9-11-2 Futaba-cho, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka
TEL: 055-927-2270 / FAX: 055-927-2207