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What is logistics?

The logistics industry is an industry that cannot be completed without the power of people.
In the future, logistics must be a company that can contribute to the management of customers while anticipating customer needs and responding to dramatic changes in the environment, as well as the strong edge.
We are also seeking new human resources to continue creating innovation in logistics.
What do you look for in a company life?

What is our personal image / logistics service?

All employees "understand, empathize, and execute" the sustainable development through logistics, which enables us to provide the highest quality logistics services, thereby contributing to customers and society. As a result, you will feel that your own training and continuous efforts through your work will lead to your own growth.
We must have a “rewarding” and “growth field”.
Would you like to use your strength to the fullest?

A workplace where employees can grow over the long term.
We are also very committed to employee training, which is the basis of our self-growth, and we have a well-developed education curriculum for each job category and level based on the education system diagram.
In addition to in-house training, we actively promote participation in external training and seminars to learn advanced cases and ideas.

For new graduates

New graduates will receive a new curriculum of new employee training (OJT / OFFJT), and will be assigned after further deepening their understanding of the company.
We also meet with HR representatives once a month.
We also conduct hearings on "work and mental aspects" and actively follow up.
By all means, we look forward to shining people who can realize our dreams with us.