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Greetings from the President

Let's be happy together!

Is logistics a proud job?

It was a story about a United States UPS (United Parcel Service, Inc.) just before.
"Few Caucasian youths become drivers." As the saying goes, few Americans were found in the logistics industry in the United States, not only drivers but also workers. Looking at the productivity of all industries in Japan in recent years, the logistics industry has become rooted in the bottom place, driver applicants are decreasing, and there is a chronic labor shortage. The common point with the United States is that "logistics is ranked lower in society."
However, in today's human society, human life cannot be realized without logistics. It is an important "work" that is not an exaggeration to say that it is a part of social infrastructure. However, if the logistics is passive, as in the past, the true value of logistics will not be demonstrated. It must be logistics that is active and independent as a function of the customer or society, and contributes to the profits of the whole or within a certain range. It is logistics as Logistics. We think, act and realize, create new logistics services, and thereby contribute to the interests of our customers, and we take pride in this work.

Can you enrich your life through work?

What is "experience"? What is "learning"? What is "failure"? What is "success"? What is "hard work"? What is "joy"? What is "Working"? What is "work"?
People who do not work do not eat, people work to live. And in the work, there are various scenes, "experience", "learning", "failure", "success", "painfulness", "joy", each of which will grow you and make your life dignified, wonderful and colorful Gives you the opportunity. To do this, you need the courage to go one step ahead and the heart to take on the challenge. With that courage and heart, we can enrich our lives through our work.

Keep challenging with a bright heart

New things are always happening in our company. It happens through work, just as there are various scenes in human life. But is that something positive and planned? Or is it an accident? There is a big difference. At our company, we have a goal, make a plan, dream of ourselves one year from now and a few years later, and do our current job. Our company, which has been in business for nearly 1 years, aims to be a company that will last 60 or 100 years. The life of each person is quickly destroyed, but the mind is connected. Keep challenging with a bright heart. Would you like to join that one page too?
We welcome you to be a part of us and make your life happy through work.

CEO Atsushi Suzuki