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"3PL" changes the future of a company.
FUJIUNYU CORPORATION Group is a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company.
What we are aiming for is overall logistics optimization that contributes to increasing added value for customers.
In addition to excellent improvements, we will innovate the entire logistics system and contribute as a partner to your business development.
“Innovation” changes the future of a company.
FUJIUNYU CORPORATION Group handles all logistics operations including storage, distribution processing, and transportation services.
We analyze and study the entire logistics process, including work standards, information systems and logistics bases, from the perspective of a 3PL company, and constantly consider rationalization and optimization of logistics, and provide innovative logistics services that match the times and environmental changes.

Features of 3PL

1. Rationalization(Work improvement)
The FUJIUNYU CORPORATION Group knows that there are limits to the efficiency of logistics services.
We perform optimization by rationalization, not efficient efficiency.
2. Visualization(Management system)
FUJIUNYU CORPORATION Group can share information on management resources (people, goods, money) in real time "anytime, anywhere".
In addition, the current issues are discovered by the management system.
3. Made to order
FUJIUNYU CORPORATION Group does not propose an objective "correct answer" from a third-party perspective.
We propose custom-made, high-value-added logistics services tailored to the management style of customers.


  • Thoughts
  • Information management
  • Creativity
  • improvement
As a logistics company cultivated over 50 years ago
A 3PL company with rich experience and achievements.

We propose a logistics improvement from the viewpoint of the customer's "logistics department" and provide services to undertake all logistics operations.

distribution center

Logistics in the manufacturing industry consists of procurement logistics, production logistics, sales logistics, and collection logistics. Among them, the functions of the distribution center include storage, cargo handling, distribution processing, and delivery agency. FUJIUNYU CORPORATION acts as a customer's logistics center and undertakes all of these tasks.

Distribution Center Functions

Storage and cargo handling (in / out)

The efficiency of storage and handling operations will vary depending on the size, quality characteristics, physical quantity, delivery destination, management standards, etc. of the package to be handled.
At our company, based on the quality management system (ISO9001), we will propose from the standpoint of the customer's standpoint and eyes to improve efficiency through optimal storage and cargo handling operations.

We can optimize logistics costs by setting prices for customers such as tsubo, case, piece, and lot. There are various methods of location management and inventory management depending on the products handled.

We will conduct detailed meetings and discussions with customers to provide optimal inventory management. We provide delivery methods tailored to the needs of our customers, such as self-service flights, route flights, marine transportation, and rail transportation.

Distribution processing

Add value to logistics. We propose outsourcing of distribution processing (making products into products) to meet customer needs and strengthen customer sales.

In order to increase product value, we perform additional processing such as inspection, labeling, enclosing printed matter, etc. according to the shipping form of the customer's product.

Distribution processing is carried out from the customer's standpoint and eyes through detailed meetings with the customer, and from the warehousing to storage, sorting, inspection, and shipment at the same distribution center (distribution center), the customer's distribution management Simplification and cost reduction.

Delivery agency

Delivery agency is a service that receives packages from multiple suppliers at our distribution center (warehouse), inspects and arranges them in the specified shape, and delivers them collectively by joint delivery.

  • High management levelPrevents the risk of companies with different delivery levels coming in for center operations that require high management levels.
  • Uniform delivery levelOnce you inspect everything and deliver it at a uniform level, the burden on customers is reduced.
  • Driver with expertiseThe delivery efficiency can be improved without having to secure a driver with special knowledge at the time of delivery.