Fuji Transport Co., Ltd. (Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
A comprehensive logistics consulting company.


Management issues due to the times and environmental changes
It is constantly changing.
Being passive and happy with the status quo
Unable to respond to the times and environmental changes,
We cannot expect continued prosperity of a company.
The Fuji Transport Group acts on its own every day,
Pursue the correct answer for the future with our customers.


Fuji Transport Group3PL
(Third Party Logistics) is a company.
What I am aiming for is
Contribute to increase added value for customers
Totally optimal in logistics.
Not only good improvement,
Innovating the entire logistics system,
Partner for customer growth and development


To realize your business plan,
Transport, heavy load installation, temporary storage, etc.
Cultivated since its foundation
By making full use of knowledge and technology,
More optimal comprehensive engineering services
Will be provided.